My Superbowl email to

February 5, 2006

I'm a marketing professional and a football fan, and your superbowl commercial not only does not appeal to me–I find it seriously offensive. I am also a director at a 5000+ employee software company. As a result of your commercial, I will never use careerbuilder to find a candidate. Furthermore, I will encourage my HR department to blacklist Careerbuilder companywide.

Your use of chimpanzees as a comedic gimmick is reprehensible. It plays upon and promotes ignorance. Not only are chimpanzees not monkeys–they are apes–but they are humanity's closet relatives. They are, in fact, more closely related to humans than they are to gorillas. More importantly, they are emotional and intelligent, and like all great apes, they are gravely endangered in the wild.

Please redeem yourselves first by abandoning such idiotic abuse of intelligent animals, and second by making some kind of generous contribution to an ape conservation organization.


9 Responses to “My Superbowl email to”

  1. lol. In response to Classic Jef – Ted gets irony. 🙂

  2. Ernesto Marquina Says:

    I found the careerbuilder commercial a great commercial, and I don’t think one has to be a marketing guru, or have read Al Ries & Jack Trout books to neccesarily be able to rate a commercial. I think the commercial reaches the public it wants to reach: the regular joe with some skills that wants to find a job. And to do so careerbuilder kicks corporate america in the butt. I think you are taking yourself too seriously, just enjoy a funny tv moment and kick back. I can see you work for a big corporate america company but hey come on, go to a pub, have a beer and just take it easy.–>

  3. 2cents short of $1M Says:

    The use of chimpanzees is a great idea. If someone can’t laugh at intelligent animals that have been taught to act like humans they are sad people. There are some intelligent animals running major corporations. Look at Disney. Look, if the majority of society finds it funny you have to ask yourself why you don’t get it. Ask others that are your peers to see if they think its funny. If you get the majority of them telling you it is then do some self reflecting and have more positive outlook on life.

  4. Ted Haeger Says:

    Let’s see:
    1. Lighten up.
    3. careerbuilder kicks corporate america in the butt
    4. If someone can’t laugh at intelligent animals that have been taught to act like humans they are sad people.

    My thoughts about these comments:
    1. It’s not often that people think I’m too serious. So, maybe there’s more to this issue than you currently understand.
    3. Career builder does not really kick America in the butt at all. To say that we all “work with a bunch of monkeys” is a rather easy gag–like saying “poopie” in front of kindergarteners. But it affects no change for the better, so really it’s just pandering to potential customers. In other words, CareerBuilder is just advertising.
    4. You can view me as sad, or you can perhaps ask more about why I think this is important enough to write a complaint to the advertiser. And of course there are intelligent animals running major corporations. Homo sapiens is in fact an intelligent animal. The real sad part is that we use our closest animal kin for crude entertainment while at the same time allowing human poverty to push chimpanzees toward imminent extinction in the wild.

  5. ppole Says:

    Hey Rev, think about those poor cavemen pitching insurance for Geico. Who’ll stand up for them Monkey Boy. Don’t even get me started on the Gecko.

  6. Ted Haeger Says:

    For those who may have not understood the impetus behind my letter to CareerBuilder, I invite you to read “Ape Advocate Cries Foul Over Super Bowl Simians”.

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